Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Tompkins Associates (Tompkins) has named Wolfgang Partsch, Senior Vice President of Global Supply Chain

RALEIGH, NC, March 11, 2008 — Tompkins Associates (Tompkins) has named Wolfgang Partsch, a pioneer in modern Supply Chain Management, as Senior Vice President of Global Supply Chain Services, Europe. In his new position, Partsch will use his 25-plus years of experience and innovative business methods to help create and implement supply chain strategies worldwide for Tompkins’ clients.

Jim Tompkins, President and CEO, describes Wolfgang as a very strong addition to the global team. “Wolfgang has played a key role in developing many innovative supply chain concepts in Europe and has spearheaded improvements for more than 100 major companies in 20 different countries,” Tompkins says. “He is a driving force in our expansion of global supply chain services.”

Partsch shares Jim Tompkins’ leadership vision. “Tompkins Associates is growing in all the right areas,” he says. “When leadership sees an opportunity, they are not afraid to do their homework, make necessary changes, and seize the opportunity. I am pleased to join this outstanding team and look forward to sharing my expertise.”

A former founding partner of Supply Chain Executive Advisors (SCEA), Partsch has held leading positions in global firms including Chairman of the Global Supply Chain Network at Ernst and Young Management Consulting Group and partner of Ernst and Young in Europe. In the early 1980s, Partsch assisted in the development of the world’s first Supply Chain Diagnostic System that later become a worldwide standard in industry measurements and
diagnostics. Most recently, Partsch developed advanced solutions for client companies in the growing field of Supply Chain Security and Risk Management.

Partsch has written dozens of thought leadership papers on topics ranging from systems integration to global logistics strategies and co-authored the book Super Charging Supply Chains with colleague Gene Tyndall. He is also a past president of the German Association of Material Management.