Wednesday, September 23, 2009

The Association for Operations Management's Annual Meeting

APICS Invites Lakeshore Collegiate to International Conference: Education/Sector Council Partnership Results in Exceptional Opportunity for Students

September 23, 2009, Mississauga, Ontario – APICS The Association for Operations Management will hold its annual international conference this year in Toronto. Up to 2,000 delegates from around the world will attend this event on October 4 through 6. Twenty-five to thirty students from Etobicoke’s Lakeshore Collegiate Institute (LCI) will be among those delegates on Monday, October 5.

The Canadian Supply Chain Sector Council (the CSCSC), of which APICS is a pillar member, is partnered with LCI through the Education/Sector Council Partnership Program of The Alliance of Sector Councils and the Toronto District School Board. Through this relationship, the CSCSC is working with LCI to engage students in learning about supply chains and supply chain careers. Teachers and administrators at LCI have expressed interest in opportunities for activities and events including job-shadowing, mentoring, experiential learning, worksite visits, career fairs and more. This partnership is part of a pilot project that is intended to lead to the development of similar collaborations across Canada.

Like most stakeholders in the supply chain sector, APICS recognizes the importance of reaching youth with information about supply chain career opportunities. The Canadian supply chain sector faces an expected vacancy rate of more than 80,000 jobs a year due to retirements and turnover, in addition to anticipated growth in new jobs. In coming years, the sector’s employers will need to compete for scarce human resources with other, equally motivated employers. Attracting young people to the sector is becoming increasingly necessary.

In providing one-day conference passes to LCI students and teachers, APICS is enabling students to “meet with supply chain and operations-management professionals to discuss the various positions they hold, the educational expectations for these positions, and what a typical work day is like,” says Emanuele Nasello, Curriculum Leader of Cooperative Education & Business Studies at LCI. Mr. Nasello is enthusiastic about the “wonderful career-awareness opportunity for [LCI] students” provided by APICS, saying that the school is “honoured to be invited” to the event.

LCI students attending the conference will participate in workshop sessions during the morning, on topics that include global supply chains, basics of operations management and Lean operations. After lunch, they’ll join the World Café, a forum for discussion on the future of the supply chain profession.

Participation in the conference is being provided to LCI free of charge.The CSCSC will hold a meeting of its Board of Directors on Monday, October 5 at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre, where the APICS conference is taking place. APICS has invited CSCSC Board members to join the World Café session that will begin shortly after the Board meeting is expected to end, again at no charge to participants.

“Our partnership with APICS and other professional associations provides opportunities for students to connect to the dynamic world of business,” notes Kevin Maynard, Executive Director of the CSCSC. “This particular initiative will ignite the curiosity of participating students to think beyond the traditional careers that they may have considered, and encourage them to explore the exciting work that can be found within the supply chain.”

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