Thursday, October 8, 2009


October 8, 2009 – Boca Raton, Fla. – Sunteck Transport Group, a non-asset based provider of transportation services, has announced a quality recognition program for its motor carrier service providers.

Q-Star was developed as Sunteck’s newest initiative to promote motor carrier quality performance and adherence to safety standards. For a carrier to be considered for the program, it must meet several criteria, namely that they have moved freight for Sunteck on a regular basis, they have maintained a satisfactory DOT safety record, have active operating authority and insurance permits in place, have no unresolved or delinquent cargo claims with Sunteck, have current broker agreements on file with Sunteck, and have received no negative performance reports.

50 carriers have been selected to be the first participants in the program. Carriers will remain as Q-Star preferred service providers as long as they maintain the standards set by the program. Additional carriers will be added each quarter.

A key benefit to the carrier for being in Q-Star is that they will be the only transportation providers granted access to Sunteck’s new live carrier load board. These carriers will be given an ID and password to gain visibility to all loads that Sunteck is moving, not just those loads that may be posted on the commercial load boards. This access will allow Q-Star carriers to bid on loads before they become more widely available to other carriers for transport.

About Sunteck Transport Group

Sunteck Transport Group, the operating subsidiary for AutoInfo, Inc., is a non-asset based transportation services company, providing transportation capacity and related transportation services through its agent network to shippers throughout the United States, and to a lesser extent, Canada. Sunteck’s services include ground transportation coast-to-coast, local pick-up and delivery. Sunteck has strategic alliances with less-than-truckload, contract carriers, truckload common carriers and independent owner-operators to service its customers’ needs quickly and effectively.