Thursday, December 2, 2010

LQ's January 13, 2011 Executive Exchange

LQ Symposium’s Carbon Neutral Audit

December 2, 2010 - LQ is pleased to invite delegates to its January 13th 2011 Symposium, dedicated to Sustainability in the Supply Chain, its third carbon-neutral Symposium to be held at the Toronto Board of Trade Country Club. Delegates can register today at:

LQ’s spring 2010 Symposium achieved carbon-neutral status thanks to the participation and sponsorship of Lakeside Logistics, which facilitated the offsetting of an estimated eight tonnes of carbon, through Zerofootprint, a socially responsible organization focused on carbon reduction. The Zerofootprint audit of LQ’s June 10th, 2010 Symposium was validated and verified in accordance with the world’s leading carbon standards including ISO 14064, UNFCCC Clean Development Mechanism, The Gold Standard, and Voluntary Carbon Registry.

The majority of the carbon footprint at LQ’s Symposium was related to attendee air travel with the remaining 1.5 tones split between local commuters, food, paper, electricity and heat.

For more information about carbon offsetting, we invite you to visit Zerofootprint’s website and its Forest Restoration section, at:

About Lakeside Logistics

Lakeside Logistics is a 3PL providing custom supply chain and transportation management services across North America. Headquartered in Oakville, ON, the company has operations in California, Wisconsin, Tennessee, Alberta and British Columbia. Client services are supported by real time web-based systems such as the Executive Dashboard, track and trace, KPIs, virtual warehousing and e-commerce. Clients include Xerox, Johnson & Johnson, West Fraser Mills, Ocean Spray, CIBA Specialty Chemicals, Oakrun Farm Bakery, Pepsi QTG, Santa Maria Foods and Campbell Soup. Lakeside is committed to reducing the environmental impact of the transportation and logistics sector. In addition to reducing the company’s impact, they support their customers and carriers in their quest to reduce their footprints.

About LQ

LQ's Symposiums, which are held twice each year, are comprised of a distinguished circle of leading thinkers and practitioners from across North America. They are unique, limited in size, and blur the line between presenters and audience to foster peer-to-peer learning and inquiry. To register for LQ’s January 13, 2011, Symposium, we invite you to visit:

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