Thursday, August 29, 2013

Announcement: David Guernsey Joins LQ's Board

LQ is pleased to announce that David Guernsey has accepted LQ’s invitation to join its Advisory Board

David Guernsey, Principal, GlobalEdge Solutions, is the former Senior Sustainability Program Manager and the acknowledged “father of sustainability” at UPS. In 1992, David became the International Environmental Manager where he developed UPS’s global environmental compliance programs. During this time, David led the effort, from tactical details to top-level strategic platforms, to create an industry first Sustainability and Reporting program in 2003. David went on to guide UPS through nine sustainability reports before he retired in April 2012.

David was deeply entrenched in every aspect of UPS’s Sustainability program. His responsibilities included corporate sustainability management, climate & energy strategy and all “beyond compliance” activities; to include; external technical working groups, projects with Non-Governmental Organizations, support for environmental public relations, and corporate response and strategy related to global environmental issues. As Managing Principal of Experiential Sustainability Consulting, David helps companies build, manage and enhance their sustainability programs from tactical to strategic. Dave received his Masters in environmental biology from the University of Alabama in Huntsville.

About Consultancy Practices

David now works in multiple consultancy practices to leverage his experience and help other companies play a visible role in developing and managing the complex framework necessary to do business in our changing world.

* Managing Principal – Experiential Sustainability Consulting
* Principal – GlobalEdge Solutions
* Executive in Residence – Homrich Partners LLC

LQ's Board

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