Friday, April 4, 2014

LQ's Fourth Annual 3PL Sustainability Study and Awards Program (2014)

LQ's 3PL Supply Chain Application  Newsletter  (2014)
April 4, 2014, Toronto - It’s that time of year - when we invite you to participate in LQ's Fourth Annual 3PL Sustainability Study and Awards Program (2014) - and encourage you to join the winners’ circle.

LQ’s Forth Annual 3PL Program builds upon LQ’s 20-year tradition of rendering compelling case studies to inspire your peers, stakeholders, clients and team. LQ’s Annual 3PL Sustainability Study and Awards Program (2014) is designed for logisticians and their 3PL partners (asset and non-asset 3PLs) alike. (Click here to read about LQ's 2013 Winners and Finalists.)

LQ’s 2014 Application is available today to download at: Applications are due on August 12, 2014.

Each year many supply chain executives and their firms participate in LQ’s 3PL Performers in Supply Chain Sustainability Study, and this year it is especially worth your time to participate:

LQ 3PL Best Performer in Sustainability Crest• Six participants from 3PLs (three from the U.S. and three from Canada) will win a free registration to LQ’s 2014 Symposium - either the fall or spring Symposium. (A $895 value)

• Two logisticians will have an opinion to participate in LQ’s Executive Insight Videos in 2014, prepared at LQ’s Symposiums. (See for examples.)

• 10 participants will receive a copy of Dr. Yossi Sheffi’s (MIT) book, Logistics Clusters

• All participants will receive an advance copy of the First Section of LQ Study Report prior to its general release in August, 2014.

• Everyone’s opinion counts – the first section of LQ’s Study – is designed to incorporate the views of logisticians, 3PLs, and others in the supply chain field.

LQ’s position is the finer the athlete the more likely they’ll reach higher profits and new markets in the future. Therefore, we believe the entries that show the best performance in supply chain sustainability will also likely merit greater value for their customers and stakeholders alike.

LQ’s impartial team of evaluators, David Closs, Ph.D., Michigan State University and Thomas Goldsby, Ph.D., The Ohio State University, will share insights on the top 3PL performers in LQ’s Sustainability Program, and on the overall landscape of sustainability based on the information LQ garners in this process at LQ’s next Symposium, and in LQ Magazine. In addition, the finalists – the Top Performers in LQ’s 3PL Program – will have an option to present at LQ’s next Symposium.

LQ’s 3PL Sustainability awards were established in 2011 to recognize practical and groundbreaking sustainability practices and thinking, with applications judged by an independent panel of business and academic leaders.  LQ’s team would like to express its appreciation to C.H. Robinson for underwriting LQ’s Fourth consecutive annual 3PL Sustainability Study and Award Program in 2014.

Please let me know if you have any questions regarding LQ’s 2014 3PL Sustainability Study and Awards Program.  Fred Moody, Editor and Publisher, LQ Magazine | LQ Inc.