Wednesday, November 5, 2014

LQ's Pre-Holiday Dec. 11th Symposium Agenda & Invitation

Register today for LQ's North American Pre-Holiday Symposium on December 11, 2014

What better way to kick off the holiday season then to catch up with colleges from both sides of the border within the industry, and make a few new ones, plus take home a few nuggets of information and insights that you can put to use in your business in the new year.

LQ's Pre-Holiday Symposium provides a bridge between leading academics and practitioners in our field, offering participants a mix of expert case studies, in-depth master classes/workshops and discussions that are designed for peer-to-peer learning, discussion and inquiry, and created in consultation with senior supply chain and logistics leaders from many industries and regions.

This year’s theme focuses on Creating Customer-Centric Supply Chains and Organizations.

LQ’s Executive Exchange Agenda at the Toronto Country Club will include discussions on:

Future Trends in Technology - Applying Big Data from Transportation Management to Create Efficiencies in the Supply Chain Significant freight savings can be achieved with an effectively implemented TMS platform, by exploiting its maximum potential to add value to your freight network. This panel discussion will examine strategies to garner data for an organization's supply chain in order to:

Supply Chain Integration through Mergers and Acquisitions: Completing a merger between two organizations requires the marriage of two corporate cultures to create new efficiencies, rationalize distribution networks, and integrate or create new IT systems. It often involves defining differences in performance metrics and reconciling these baselines. In this session executives will share their insights on how mergers/acquisitions and strategies on how they've helped to make supply chain integration a success.

Market Conditions and the Future of the Logistics/Transportation Industry in North America: Hear from the heads of leading logistics companies on how they’re setting themselves up to respond to changing economic indicators and what they’re doing to take advantage of growing global demand in the coming months. Get the logistics interpretation of the economic outlook and find out how you need to adjust your business model to adapt to the evolving conditions.

NEW:  LQ would also like to offer delegates the opportunity to meet one-on-one behind closed doors to examine challenges, which may be converging on a business, or involve aspirational objectives as far as two years down the road and a useful benchmarking opportunity. LQ's team helps its participants to prepare for these meetings with a pre-defined agenda making these meetings for logisticians and providers an investment with a solid value proposition designed for both parties. Book two meetings by emailing and you will receive a $400 discount from your registration fee.

To view LQ’s impressive roster of speakers, moderators and facilitators, please visit:

Register today for LQ's Symposium: Registration Rate of $895.00. Delegates will also receive a complimentary edition of Logistics Clusters, by Yossi Sheffi, PhD., MIT, while supplies last, on a first-come basis.

A few comments from participants attending LQ's Symposiums:

"When it comes to executive forums, the definition of victory are three very simple tests:
• First, did I pick up a couple of real nuggets I can use in my business?
• Secondly, did I find new thought partners and contacts that I can do mental ping-pong with?
• Third, was it inspiring and fun?

The Logistics Quarterly Executive Forum aces these tests." – Tom Schmitt, President, CEO and Director of AquaTerra Corporation
“The LQ Executive Exchange is my favorite meeting of the year, and this year was no exception.” - Cliff Lynch, C.F. Lynch & Associates
"The LQ Symposium includes great content from thought leaders in Supply Chain Management while providing an opportunity for attendees to meet these influential speakers through scheduled network events during the day.  From panel discussions to keynote speakers, the content never fails to inspire, influence and motivate those who participate.
This year, the Women In Supply Chain Management networking breakfast was an added bonus.  Women (and men) were able obtain valuable information to take back to their organizations to attract, hire, promote and retain women.
I was honored to be a part of this impressive panel of successful women who each shared her insight into her journey toward leadership roles.  This is the first annual event that should be attended by progressive organizations desiring more women in their top posts." - Ellen Voie CAE, President/CEO, Women In Trucking, Inc.
"Very much enjoyed the meeting and the people, and, of course, seeing and working with you and team again!" - Gene Tyndall, EVP, Tompkins International
"I thought that the speakers and topic were terrific." – Kim Stoll, Fernandes Hearn LLP
“I really enjoyed the LQ Breakfast. A great panel and inspiring presentations.” – Nina Trifan, National Marketing Manager, Day & Ross Freight
"It was a fabulous inaugural LQ Women in Logistics event – and everyone in the room learned a great deal from the panel and from each other." - Melissa Gracey, President and CEO, DTA Services
"Logistics Quarterly is one of the best organizations in the North American logistics industry. It is the only conference I NEVER miss, and LQ Magazine is the only journal I always read. Yes, they're that good." - Christopher Barry, COO, Canadian Cancer Society
"I have always found that LQ presents unique opportunities and a has great reputation amongst industry's top intellectuals. Your symposiums are one of best organized one-day events and LQ has maintained a very high standard for some time." - Nikhil Sathe, CFO, Genpro Incorporated