Wednesday, December 31, 2014

An Invitation to Logisticians and 3PLs to Benchmark their Supply Chain Practices

Introducing LQ’s new Supply Chain Maturity Matrix

December 31, 2014 - LQ’s Fourth Annual Third-Party Sustainability Study and Awards Program 2014 has been officially launched at LQ’s Pre-Holiday Symposium this month by David Closs, PhD, Thomas Goldsby, PhD. and LQ’s team. Michigan State University and The Ohio State University are Founding Academic Members of LQ’s 3PL Study and Awards Program.

“LQ has taken an innovative approach to bring even greater value to your firm’s participation, by introducing LQ’s new Supply Chain Maturity Matrix, which is designed for logisticians and 3PLs alike to benchmark their supply chain sustainability practices - to help identify strengths and areas for future growth,” Dr. Goldsby noted to delegates attending LQ’s December 11th Symposium.

Completion of the Second Section of LQ’s Study, in addition to LQ’s new Supply Chain Maturity Matrix, enables firms to become a candidate for recognition in LQ’s Best Performer in Supply Chain Sustainability Awards Program at the May 22, 2015 LQ Symposium.

"For me, the sustainability matrix is both a measurement and a learning tool. It provides firms  a good basis for understanding the different facets that are important in the sustainability journey,” states Esen Andiç-Mortan, a PhD candidate at the Ohio State University, who has contributed to the advancement of LQ’s study this year. “Within these facets, firms can also see what are the possible stages in terms of advancement, and possibly recognize internal potential for improvement even during the reflection phase to answer the questions posed by the matrix.”

There are three steps for logisticians and 3PLs alike to participate:

1. Begin your journey by Registering at:

2. Next, check your email. A Link to LQ’s Survey will be sent to the email address you have entered on the Registration Form. Save this link to access your entry. It is uniquely tied to your survey entry and the email address you have provided.

3. Use this Link for your entry, to enter revisions and provide additional information at any time up until the deadline of April 10, 2015. All of the information that you enter is automatically saved by SurveyMonkey’s secure system.

LQ’s Supply Chain Maturity Matrix embodies the following aspects of sustainability: Sustainability Approach, Strategy & Governance, Sustainability Context, Organizational Support, Contract Management, Information Technology & Tools, Network Management, Performance Management, Resources & Waste Management, Fuel & Emissions Management
Mega-trends & Materiality, Risk Management, and Communications.

LQ’s team would also like to take this opportunity to thank David Guernsey, a member of LQ’s Board, and Managing Principal, Experiential Sustainability Consulting. Mr. Guernsey is the former Senior Sustainability Program Manager and the acknowledged “father of sustainability” at UPS, and one of the primary architects of LQ’s Supply Chain Maturity Matrix.

LQ’s team appreciates C.H. Robinson’s support for underwriting LQ’s 3PL Sustainability Study and Awards Program and making this study and contribution to the North American supply chain community possible.