Monday, January 19, 2015

BCG Logistics Group Acquires Cannon Express, LLC.

Toronto, ON - January 19, 2015 - BCG Logistics Group is proud to announce it has acquired a participating interest in Cannon Express, LLC, an asset-based carrier serving the southeastern US market from its headquarters in Atlanta, GA.

This acquisition reflects BCG Logistics’ strategy in Canada and the United States to offer its growing portfolio of international customers more services, efficiencies and a ‘One America Supply Chain Solution’.

Cannon will continue to operate as a separate company and using the Cannon Express brand under the auspices of Toronto-based BCG Logistics Group. In addition the existing Cannon management team will continue to report to Cannon President, Frank A. Cannon.

In this initial phase of the integration process, the Cannon team plans to leverage BCG Logistics’ technologies, such as its proprietary TMS “STARS” technology, to meet its customers growing demand for more information, new efficiencies and services. Both BCG Logistics Group and Cannon Express have focused their businesses on providing high quality regional solutions in the U.S. and Canadian markets, and BCG’s proprietary “STARS” Technology will contribute to Cannon’s reputation as a regional leader in the pre-8 a.m. delivery market.

“The acquisition of Cannon Express is consistent with BCG Logistics’ corporate strategy to expand its portfolio of services and increase its scope of customers and operations in North America,” says Allan Smith, President  & CEO of BCG Logistics Group, adding: “The staff and current owners at Cannon are excited to be part of BCG’s future and we will be incorporating “STARS” into Cannon’s existing southeastern US customer base in the coming months. This is an important part of a strong, fully integrated partnership that will offer BCG Logistics Group’s clients an enhanced portfolio of trans border services. It’s our company’s strategy to support our customers’ distribution efforts across North America by leveraging one powerful and growing platform.”

About BCG Logistics Group

BCG Logistic Group is a technology-based 3PL, dedicating to developing and managing innovative distribution programs in Canada for its international client base as a full-service Canadian 3PL. Its portfolio of services includes: supply chain consulting, U.S. and Canadian transportation management, cross-dock operations (pre-8 a.m. parts distribution), freight audit and payment services. BCG Logistics is a complete service provider offering extensive experience in retail, automotive, agricultural and industrial distribution and sequencing for its diverse customer base, with locations across Canada that include: Toronto, ON; Branford, ON; Vancouver, BC; Edmonton, AB; Winnipeg, MB and in the Midwestern United States, Chicago, IL. BCG Logistics’ technical team has developed an innovative, customized, flexible and user-friendly TMS operating system, “STARS”, which offers complete visibility and accountability of customer supply chains. For more information on BCG Logistics visit:

About Cannon Express, LLC

Cannon is a full service asset-based pre-8 a.m. parts carrier offering unattended daily delivery services with real time visibility for regional dealers and wholesalers through its 12 locations across the southeastern United States. For more information on Cannon Express visit:

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