Thursday, October 1, 2015

LQ’s 16th Annual Supply Chain Symposium - November 5th at RCMI

November 5th, 2015 | Venue: The University Club of Toronto

October 1, 2015, Toronto - You are invited to reserve your company’s table at LQ’s 16th Annual Symposium at the Royal Canadian Military Institute - offered to you today at the same rate as an LQ Gold Sponsorship – which includes this reservation. To download LQ November 5th 2015 Symposium Sponsorship information please click here. Seating availability is limited as this event has moved to the University Club of Toronto. Click here to Register.

The subject matter for LQ’s Symposium has been developed with the direction and input from industry leaders and LQ’s Advisory Board. A few of the key items on LQ’s NOVEMBER 5, 2015 Program Agenda are:

 • The Strategic Imperative for TL and LTL Transportation — securing capacity

 • LQ’s Supply Chain Planning Index Workshop: Sharing insights from roundtable discussions on Key Performance Indicators that logisticians use to measure against.

 • Retailers Supply Chain Strategies for Success: What are the supply chain practices that directly impact retail organizations’ success?

 • Keynote Luncheon Presentation: Insights on Trends in Transportation

 • A Tale of Two Cities - The Way CEOs Leverage Vested and Lean

 • An Introduction to LQ's 3PL Sustainability Study and Awards Program - Key Findings: Insights from LQ's Executive Editors on LQ’s Supply Chain Maturity Matrix

 • Leading Performers in Supply Chain Sustainability: How Well are You Using Best Practices in your Supply Chain and Maintenance Operations?

 • Insights on LQ's 3PL Performers in Sustainability Awards (David Closs, PhD, and Thomas Goldsby, PhD

 When we are under pressure to make a decision on a deal, but we don’t know what the right one is, it’s still a good idea to insist on and invest in doing the extra laps around the intellectual parking lot — to garner more information – which is what LQ’s Symposiums offers you, and each of its delegates. Some of LQ’s November 5th Symposium Presenters, Moderators and Facilitators who will guide our discussions at the RCMI include:

 • David J. Closs, PhD, LQ Executive Editor, Michigan State University

 • Krista Collinson,Vice President Omni Channel; Stores, Ecommerce & Technology, ToysRus Canada

 • Virginia Garbutt, Director Strategic Network Planning and Improvement, Walmart Canada

 • Brian Gibson, PhD, teaches logistics and supply chain management courses in Auburn's undergraduate, graduate, and distance learning programs

 • Thomas J. Goldsby, PhD, LQ Executive Editor, The Ohio State University

 • Michel Khennafi, Director, Logistics North America, Johnson Controls, Building Efficiency in Milwaukee

 • Clifford F. Lynch, Principal, C.F. Lynch & Associates

 • Thomas A. Moore, Managing Partner, Transportation, Warehouse Optimization

 • Tom Nightingale, President, GENCO Transportation Logistics

 • John Salt, Senior Vice-President, Supply Chain, Canadian Tire Corporation, Limited

 • Timothy (Tim) Scott, Vice President, Order Management, GENPACT

 • Nikhil Sathe, CFO, Genpro

 • Kelli Saunders, President, Morai Logistics, Inc.

 • Kate Vitasek an international authority for her award-winning research and Vested business model for highly collaborative and strategic relationships

 • Ellen Voie, President and CEO of Women In Trucking

 • Robert A. Voltmann, President and CEO, Transportation Intermediaries Association

 In summary, LQ’s Symposiums serve as a catalyst to help align leaders in our field and offer an opportunity to share insights on how to develop solutions to problems, create new strategies, and harness collaboration across organizations. See for yourself; click here to view LQ's 3-minute video that affords a snapshot of LQ's Leadership Summits with commentary from preeminent leaders in our field.

 And to recap, LQ November 5th 2015 Symposium Sponsorship information is available at:

 Individual registrations are available at . We’re are looking forward to seeing you on November 5th.

For more information please contact: Fred Moody | LQ Magazine | LQ Inc. | | Office (416) 461-8355