Monday, June 9, 2008


Jacksonville, Fla. – Veterans of the trucking and railroad sides of the logistics industry have come together to launch an asset-light provider of customer-driven logistics services, Eleets Transportation, Inc.

Eleets was formed to focus on providing three major forms of transportation and logistics services: pre-print transportation and warehousing logistics for the highly competitive newspaper insert advertising industry, general commodities transport for shippers needing truckload and less-than-truckload transportation, and intermodal transportation services for shippers who want to take advantage of an environmentally-conscious mode of transport that uses rail for the long-haul portion of cross-country shipments.

The new company was created by entrepreneurs Allen Steele and David Ware. Steele brings more than 35 years of trucking expertise to the venture, while Ware has more than 20 years of railroad experience in his portfolio.

Steele is president and chief executive officer of Eleets. After 10 years as an over-the-road owner-operator, Steele joined Stonier Transportation Group in 1982 as a freight coordinator. His responsibilities grew as the company grew and he was appointed president in 1994. Stonier became VEXURE in 2002 and spawned specialized divisions for intermodal and expedited transportation services. VEXURE caught the attention of NYK the following year when it then acquired the company from Steele and VEXURE’s other principals. Steele remained there for the next four years, including a senior management role in the Office of the President.

Dave Ware is chief operating officer of Eleets. Prior to joining with Steele in this new company, he spent more than 20 years with CSX Intermodal. Ware started his career as maintenance manager and ascended several levels of management to eventually hold the position of assistant vice president, quality service. In that role, he was responsible for fleet management, maintenance, equipment acquisition, customer service, inside sales and asset-based sales support. His industry affiliations have included past member of the TTX Advisory Committee, past chairman IANA Operations Committee and past chairman Intermodal AAR Committee.

“Eleets was the logistics challenge and opportunity I was looking for,” said Steele. “Through the back half of 2007, we worked to assemble a top-notch team of transportation and logistics professionals to help launch our new company and brand. Our goal is to find more ways to say ‘yes’ to shippers and provide for better management of transportation assets. Because of our customer-focused approach and desire to find innovative transportation service solutions, we’re already seeing our book of business grow from month to month.”

“In forming Eleets, we decided that our business model needed to go beyond just providing good service to our customers,” added Ware. “We knew we needed to give something back in terms of the impact our services have on the environment. Each of our services, and especially those in the intermodal area, are focused on providing ‘green’ alternatives to our customers. Our strategy for growth is built around providing solutions that involve utilizing truck and rail assets that are running below capacity. By increasing the use of this capacity, the number of fuel-consuming empty assets will be reduced.”

As part of its commitment to “green” initiatives, Eleets has become a logistics company partner in the U.S Environmental Protection Agency’s SmartWay™ Transport Partnership. “Our goals are very much aligned with those of the SmartWay partnership,” said Steele. “’Green’ touches all aspects of transportation. Partners like Eleets are commercial, industrial, and public sector organizations that are committed to reducing greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution and improving fuel efficiency of ground freight transportation.”

Since its launch, Eleets’ has created nearly 60 jobs, with most of those positions in its Jacksonville, Fla. headquarters and operating center.

About Eleets Transportation
Eleets Transportation, Inc., is a newly formed provider of pre-printed newspaper insert logistics, general commodities for truckload and less-than-truckload transportation, and intermodal transportation services that uses environmentally-conscious rail for cross-country shipments. Eleets is headquartered in Jacksonville, Fla., but also maintains offices and operations in Columbus, Ohio; Columbia, S.C. and Jackson, Tenn. For more information, visit