Friday, June 27, 2008

Wheels Anniversary Party Celebrates 20 Years of Teamwork

Toronto, Canada - June 26, 2008 - Wheels Group of Companies proudly marked a milestone in its history with a 20th-anniversary extravaganza that not only wowed guests but also reflected the organization’s emphasis on partnership and collaboration.

Held at Dave & Buster’s in northwest Toronto, the event celebrated Wheels’ success through a series of food, beverage and activity stations that - in keeping with the Wheels business model - worked together to create a show-stopping party for the 543 employees, family members and customers who attended.

This kind of synergy is what underpins Wheels Group which, as a global third-party-logistics (3PL) provider, comprises four different divisions. They are: Wheels Group (shared services), Wheels Logistics (contracted services), Wheels Global (freight forwarding), and Wheels Clipper, which includes the former Clipper Exxpress, a 70-year-old 3PL based in Chicago and acquired by Wheels in 2006.

“Words such as ‘teamwork’ and ‘partnership’ can be overused these days,” said Peter Jamieson, President, Wheels Group, “but at Wheels they are words we live by. While our business units all offer unique strengths, collectively their sum contribution and seamless interaction are what create the value-driven solutions for our customers that make Wheels so successful.”

To support the effective individual operation and integration of its divisions, Wheels Group has adopted a ‘Special Teams’ concept by which the divisions can concentrate on, and add value through, their core competencies while allocating specialized skills to support specific customer needs.

The activity stations at the 20th anniversary celebration reflected this concept. Chief Operating Officer Peter Jamieson took his position at the grill, cooking up hundreds of burgers and hot dogs, for the throngs of hungry revelers.

CEO Jim Davidson manned the Davidson French Wine Café, his considerable oenological knowledge complemented by the presence of David Hulley, a well-known winemaker, lecturer, author, and broadcast personality. Hulley presented guests with ‘The Story of Wine’, a verbal tour and tasting of Canada’s best-known wine regions.

Managing Partner Denise Messier headed up the immensely popular Drum Café, which had participants pulsing and pounding away on an orchestra of African drums. Drum Café is an internationally renowned organization that uses collaborative drumming to teach skills around team-building and communication.

Chairman and Wheels founder Doug Tozer could be found at Doug’s Corner - another popular spot that offered partygoers unlimited gaming and an array of prizes to be won at the Dave & Buster’s Midway.

Additional festivities included living statues, mimes and bounce-and-play boxing.

“What made the day memorable for me was seeing managers, owners and employees being fathers, mothers, uncles, sisters, brothers,” said Lee Jones, a Wheels sales veteran of 15 years and key party organizer. “Seeing our CEO push his nephew around in a stroller, and watching a five-year-old passionately dance his heart out at the Drum Café - those were the kinds of things that made the day so terrific.”

With a corporate history dating back 20 years, Wheels Group has enjoyed an annualized average growth rate in excess of 25 percent, and has received numerous industry accolades recognizing it as, among other things, one of North America’s top 100 3PLs and one of Canada’s 50 Best-Managed companies. Wheels Group is headquartered in Mississauga, Ontario.

About Wheels Group
Wheels Group provides innovative supply chain products, services and information technologies that deliver leading-edge, value-added business solutions. The company serves an international client base through four divisions: Wheels Group, which provides the company’s shared services and strategic vision; Wheels Clipper, a third-party logistics provider with 90 years of combined experience; Wheels Logistics, specializing in contracted services that support just-in-time delivery; and Wheels Global, which provides a full range of freight forwarding services. Through these offerings the company applies a forward thinking approach to supply chain management that optimizes business results and creates long-term value for customers.