Friday, February 15, 2013

Lodwick Transport Limited and Cam Hiltz Trucking Ltd. to Rebrand

Lodwick Transport Limited and Cam Hiltz Trucking Ltd. have been part of the Challenger Group for a number of years and now, as part of our ongoing growth strategy, they are rebranding as Challenger Climate and Challenger Bulk.
February 15, 2013 - Cambridge, ON - It is an exciting year for the Challenger Group as they embark upon the rebranding of their temperature controlled and waste haulage divisions. On March 1st, Lodwick Transport, a climate-control carrier, will be operating under the brand name 'Challenger Climate' and Cam Hiltz Trucking Ltd., their waste haulage division, will now be known as 'Challenger Bulk'.

The progression to rebrand the divisions comes on the heels of Challenger refreshing its corporate identity to a sleeker, smoother design. Lodwick, Hiltz, and Elgin Motor Freight Inc. have embraced the identity change, reinforcing a more cohesive public image as the Challenger Group of Companies. Challenger is a name you know, a brand you can trust. Rebranding means "a fresh new name and renewed focus to be more in line with the other members of the Challenger family, and to be a one stop shop for the shipping public," explains Geoff Topping, General Manager of Challenger Climate and Challenger Bulk. "Challenger Climate will continue to operate climate-controlled trailers, offering customers the ability to transport their goods fresh, frozen, or heated, and Challenger Bulk will specialize in moving bulk commodities, primarily in the waste management and recycling industries at this time."

Cam Hiltz Trucking Ltd. was founded in 1997 and was originally based in Newmarket, Ontario. Their focus was on waste haulage from the Greater Toronto Area to Michigan landfill sites and they were acquired by Challenger in 2002.

Founded in 1941 by Cliff Lodwick Sr., Lodwick Transport Limited was a third generation Canadian trucking company, highly respected within the trucking industry. Sharing Challenger's dedication to excellence in their employees, safety, and technology, Lodwick was the first Canadian carrier to offer remote temperature monitoring of freight on trailers for their customers. Acquired in 2007, Lodwick has been part of the Challenger Group for six years. "This change clarifies to the shipping public the strength, size and commitment behind these two great companies," explains Dan Einwechter, CEO and Chairman of Challenger.

As of March 1st 2013, the majority of the Challenger Climate and Challenger Bulk staff will be permanently relocated to 300 Maple Grove Road in Cambridge, Ontario, Challengers corporate centre. The Challenger Group will maintain a presence in the GTA with an office and yard space in Mississauga, ON, sharing space at 1905 Shawson Drive.

Challenger has been a North American leader in the supply chain industry since its inception in 1975. The Challenger Group employs more than 2,000 people and operates approximately 1,500 trucks and 3,300 trailers. As one of the largest privately owned truckload carriers in Canada, Challenger has been consistently recognized by its customers and within the industry for the outstanding quality of its services. In 2012, Challenger was once again given the honour of being recognized as one of Canada's 50 Best Managed Companies for the thirteenth consecutive year, and has been a Platinum member since 2007. Challenger is an active leader in many significant green initiatives, including LEED certification of their headquarters and SmartWay Transport partnership. In addition to their state of the art HQ facilities in Cambridge, Ontario, the Challenger Group has facilities in Montreal, Toronto, London, Mississauga, Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, and Edmonton.