Monday, March 14, 2016

CITT Launches NEW Resource to Help Businesses Fill Their Professional Talent Gaps

Toronto, Ontario - March 14, 2016 - Today CITT announced the launch of a new kind of professional SCL Talent Pool – a quick, easy and credible source of professional SCL expertise that employers, HR people, recruiters and everyone else looking to work with proven talent can use.

“Despite the enormous number of people who work in supply chain logistics roles across the country, it can actually be very hard for organizations to find the right staff, partners and suppliers to manage or support profitable and reliable supply chain logistics operations,” said Catherine Viglas, CITT President & CEO. “CITT is trying to make that easier.”

Based on searchable, verified and opt-in databases, it can be used to:

·         Search for certified SCL professionals
·         Verify if someone is a CCLP® designation holder
·         Find potential business partners, service providers or SCL subject matter experts
·         Post employment opportunities that will be promoted to CITT’s community of CCLP designation holders, plus the hundreds of people who are actively working to earn their CCLP designation.

This web-based resource is available via CITT’s website ( and is available on a self-serve basis.

CITT’s community of CCLP designation holders and base of candidates includes professionals across seniorities, roles and Canadian geography. It covers the entire sector, all modes of transportation, shippers, carriers, 3PLs, ancillary service providers, sales people and others. It represents Canada’s range of commercial segments.

“CITT’s new professional SCL Talent Pool will help bring industry the breadth and depth of experience of CITT-Certified Logistics Professionals and CCLP candidates – people truly committed to the supply chain logistics sector – like never before,” said Viglas.

About CITT

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