Wednesday, March 30, 2016

ICAT Logistics Appoints New Chief Growth Officer

A leading agency-based freight forwarder welcomes Hann Livingston

Elkridge, MD – March 30, 2016 - ICAT Logistics, Inc. (ICAT), an award-winning and leading agency-based freight forwarder in the U.S., announces today that it has appointed Hann Livingston as its new Chief Growth Officer. Hann brings more than 13 years of expertise in managing expansion into new U.S. and international markets, employee and sales-partner performance objectives and incentives, and vender acquisition and negotiation.

In his new role, Livingston will be responsible for a number of priorities in continuing to grow ICAT’s global presence such as:
•       Working with existing agencies/partners to manage growth;
•       Defining and executing company marketing and sales objectives;
•       Expanding the ICAT Network through new Agency partnerships; and
•       Working with the team to continuously improve ICAT’s best-in-class service offerings.

ICAT President and CEO, Rick Campbell, is enthusiastic about Hann coming on-board, saying, “His track record for company expansion and handling complex logistics will play a critical role in ICAT achieving its 2016 and future goals. Hann will concentrate on intensifying business development efforts, focusing on prospective and current customers alike to promote continued healthy growth. He will also administer the ongoing expansion of our internal sales team, with several new hires planned for 2016. I’m confident he will be a great addition to our team!”

"I'm extremely excited to join the ICAT team,” said Livingston. “My passion is working with agent-owners around the globe to assist them in reaching their goals. ICAT provides an exceptional platform to this end. The team is truly dedicated to the mission of becoming the number-one agency-based freight forwarder in the United States, so I look forward to being a part of that achievement."

Prior to joining ICAT, Livingston served as Executive Vice President/COO of Service by Air in Woodbury, NY. During his tenure at Service by Air, Livingston oversaw domestic and international operations, sales, marketing, compliance, information technology, and supply-chain/warehouse facilities management. He introduced, formulated, and strategically brought to fruition, several company initiatives to fundamentally improve almost every facet of the business, overseeing the largest growth expansion in the company’s history.

Livingston holds MBAs from the UCLA Anderson School of Management and the National University of Singapore as well as a Masters degree in Journalism from the Missouri School of Journalism. He is a graduate of Middlebury College.

About ICAT Logistics, Inc.
Established in 1993, ICAT Logistics has become a leading agency-based freight forwarder in the U.S.  ICAT Logistics provides customizable shipping and logistic solutions for each and every customer and is dedicated to helping its agency partners grow more profitably with The Agency Partner Program. The successful Agency Partner Program gives customers complete control of handling their freight while providing the best corporate support in the business. The ICAT Way program has generated a 65% growth rate for Agency Partners and increased opportunities for 2016.

This 65% growth rate is in large part due to the industry-leading turnkey recruiting, training, and development program that delivers critical support and tools to its agency partners in several areas such as sales, marketing, and accounting, known as the ‘ICAT Way.’ This program continues to gain accolades for its demonstrated ability to drive continued growth and success among ICAT’s increasing network of global agency partners.

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