Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Livingston now offers clients its full suite of services in Taiwan

May 10, 2016 CHICAGO – With Asia’s importance as a key market for exporters and importers growing, Livingston International, a leading customs broker and trade compliance company, continues its expansion in the region by offering its full suite of Global Trade Management (GTM ) services in Taiwan and an expanded presence in China.

Driven by client demand, the move furthers Livingston’s on-the-ground support and harmonizes customs and compliance efforts for its clients – improving supply chain performance, cutting costs and helping them get to market faster. 

“Asia is an important global market from a manufacturing and distribution standpoint,” said Matt Goodman, president of Livingston’s GTM operation. “As businesses expand in Asia, they often de-centralize their compliance efforts, causing them to duplicate processes, costing them time and money. Having a significant presence in this key region allows us do what we do best - simplify trade for our clients by streamlining supply chain processes and ensuring compliance so they can concentrate on growing their business globally.”

The move follows Livingston’s expansion into India and the restructuring of its GTM division last year to stay ahead of projections that several free-trade agreements in negotiations now will soon bring unprecedented opportunities for businesses looking to expand internationally.

Livingston’s GTM operation helps companies who want to import and export goods make the right sourcing decisions, be proactive to changes in the global trade environment, link trade compliance with business needs, use free trade agreements to their advantage, minimize duty and delays, and stay ahead of the competition. The division’s vast global footprint enables it to offer solutions that are tailored to clients’ individual import and export trade operational needs.

About Livingston
Livingston International focuses on customs brokerage and trade compliance, offering international trade consulting, global trade management and freight forwarding.  It provides clarity in a world of trade complexity, so business can grow further, faster and smarter.  Livingston employs over 3,200 staff at 125 key border points, sea ports, airports and other strategic locations across North America, Europe and Asia. Visit us at, and on Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.