Tuesday, March 24, 2015

EFT’s Annual 3PL Selection and Contracting Report

Logistics Customer Satisfaction Drops, Shippers and 3PLs on Different Wavelengths – EFT Report

March 24, 2015, London, UK - EFT’s Annual 3PL Selection and Contracting Report breaks-down many of the key components in the dynamic between the Lead Service Provider (LSP) and the shipper relationship. In summary it provides insights on the critical topics shippers and LSPs are tackling to achieve success in their respective industries and in collaborate together.

This report represents a thorough analysis of the selection and contracting process of contract logistics from perspective of both logistics service providers and their customers – namely manufacturers and retailers. The report also asks some critical questions on future technology, and the impact this is going to have on the relationship between LSPs and their customers.
Some of Key findings this year include:

·         40%+ of manufacturers and retailers expect their logistics providers to have some understanding of driverless vehicles
·         19.2% of Manufacturers and Retails are already using 3D printing in their businesses
·         94% of industry executives think drone delivery is inevitable
·         43% of industry executives think the Internet of Things will have a huge impact on supply chain and logistics.
·         4% increase in customer dissatisfaction
·         China remains a primary target for growth for 3PLs and Customers alike

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